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Guess who’s doing another Giveaway! 
When I fangirl, I tend to hoard and my mom is making me get rid of duplicates…Selling things is too complicated for me, so I’m giving it away.

This is two giveaways in one though.

One winner will get: Glee the Music

  • 1-7
  • Journey to Regionals
  • The Power of Madonna
  • Presents the Warblers
  • Love Songs
  • The Rocky Horror Glee Show
  • The Christmas Album Volume 1 and 2
  • And the Concert Movie

*All CDs have been used but are in near perfect condition, the only wear being on the cases*

The other winner will recieve:

  • Starship DVD
  • Starship CD
  • Space Tour DVD
  • Space Tour CD
  • Very Potter Musicals CD
  • Human EP
  • Dress and Tie single
  • Signed Apocolyptour picture
  • Official HMB picture from C2E2
  • HMB slap bracelet
  • Apocolyptour slap bracelet
  • Starkid Headband
  • And Pink Starkid Sunnies


  1. Because this is a lot, I want to thank my followers, so you do need to be following me
  2. I also want to try and keep this as fair as possible, so no contest only blogs
  3. Likes DO count
  4. You can reblog as many times as you want, but please try not to spam your followers, it gets annoying.
  5. I will ship anywhere.
  6. The first winner to respond will get the choice of which package they want
  7. And good luck :)

*Winners will be chosen on June 30th by a random number generator. Make sure your ask boxes are open so I can message you. The winners will have 24 hours to respond before I pick someone else.*

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